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Hey! You've reached the Aires,
Dartmouth College's first a cappella group, the tenth-oldest collegiate group in America, and one of the nation's eminent a cappella ensembles. We have been singing live, producing albums, and touring the world since our founding in 1946. Our repertoire features a wide mix of contemporary favorites, traditional Ivy League tunes, sketch comedy, and the occasional piece of opera, performed with a panache guaranteed to please all ages.

Meet the Aires!

To see a list of Aires alumni, click here.

Sheil 'Kakto' Sharma '23

Tenor from Fayetteville, AR

Teddy 'Mango' Wavle '23

Baritone from Ridgewood, NJ

Sammy 'Envo' Bonasso '24

Business Manager and Bass
from Upper Arlington, OH

Zach 'Loko' Martel '24

Tenor from Chevy Chase, MD

Eric 'Toblo' Richardson '24

Tenor from Jonesboro, AR

Zachary 'Flippo' Campbell '22

Bass from Long Island, NY

Alan 'Cyto' Hatch '25

Tenor from Miami, FL

Cole 'Tekno' Seagroves '25

Music Director and Tenor
from Atlanta, GA

Charlie 'Kyro' Tracy '25

Tenor from San Francisco, CA

Elias 'Xero' Treuer '25

Secretary and Bass
from Bemidji, MN

Lucas 'Lago' Filippone '26

Baritone from Los Angelos, CA

Nicolas 'Yogo' Halverson '26

Tenor from Madrid, Spain

Andrew 'Beebo' Mitchell '26

Tour Manager and Tenor
from Edgemont, NY

Cal 'Nano' Noonan '26

Bass from Scituate, MA

Zak 'Harlo' Oehlerking '26

Bass from Mount Vernon, VA

Benjamin 'Zuko' Balodis '27

Social Media and Tenor
from Brooklyn, NY

Eli 'Uno' Fox '27

Baritone from Baltimore, MD

Jamie 'Outro' Leslie '27

Tenor from Brookline, MA

Jay 'Presto' Nathan '27

Alumni Chair and Baritone
from Knoxville, TN

Logan 'Klepto' Smith '27

Tenor from Johnson City, TN

Listen to us!

Below are the Aires albums available digitally. We are in the process of publishing our 20th-century albums to streaming platforms!To view the artist profiles of members who have released music independently, click here.

Luminaire (2023)

Luminaire is our newest album, exploding with rhythmic and soloistic energy as the post-pandemic Aires return to the studio. It spans a variety of talented artists, from Olivia Rodrigo to John Mayer to Chaka Khan.

On Aire (2017)

Featuring songs that cover a timespan of five decades, On Aire is a smooth amalgam of pop, alt-pop, and R&B. With the likes of Marvin Gaye, Marian Hill, and Destiny's Child, this record is not to be skipped!

Truth or Daire (2014)

An album with a myriad of pop and musical theatre bops, Truth or Daire is our longest release. Filled with renditions of 'Dark Fantasy', 'Wrecking Ball', and 'Dark Horse', it's probably our catchiest record yet.

Fresh Aire (2011)

Featuring a fusion of comedic originals, music theatre, and our iconic anthem 'Up the Ladder to the Roof', Fresh Aire is very aptly named!

Extraordinaire (2009)

Showcasing the likes of Billy Joel, Stevie Wonder, and Kanye West, Extraordinaire features a wide amalgam of Aire talents, including beatbox, rap, and voice-synth processing. There's most definitely something for everyone here.

Impaired (2004)

Featuring our most popular tracks to this day, Impaired includes fun, serious, and jubilant songs from the R&B, punk rock, and pop disciplines.

Dartmouth Undying (2004)

Our compilation album of traditional Dartmouth songs, this record is near and dear to the hearts of many Big Green alumni. From 'Hanover Winter Song' to the Alma Mater, this record is a must for the friends and family of the College on the Hill.

Black Tie Affaire (2003)

With hits like 'Bicycle Race' and 'Working for the Weekend,' this paradoxically named album is prime early-2000s collegiate a cappella, the first of eight Aires recording featured on BOCA (but who's counting).

Interplanetairey (2000)

As the Aires emerged unscathed from Y2K, what better way to celebrate with a retrospective on the last pop music of the millennium? Interplanetairey was a vanguard of individual tracking & vocal effects while maintaining that iconic Aires sound.

Airemail (1998)

Don't let the bizarre cover art fool you - Airemail boasts a huge diversity of genres and impressive harmonies with its twenty tracks. And who can forget our beloved "Ivy League Medley," the bane of every freshman Aire?

Buenos Aires (1995)

My name is NOT Merv Griffin. Need we say more?

Aires to the Throne (1992)

This record is peak 90s Aires, full of lively arrangements brimming with humor and interest. Don't miss 'Jesse's Girl' and the debut of perennial favorite 'Take on Me.'

Cairecatures (1990)

These big-headed Aires thought they could make a goofy album while still maintaining vocal excellence, and they were right. 'Is She Really...' and 'Girls Talk' are guaranteed earworms.

Aireborne (1978)

Our last album as a Glee Club subsidiary, the Aires headed to Suntreader Studios in Vermont to make gorgeous tracks like 'Kind of Woman' and dynamic ones like 'Happy Together.' If you hear a guitar, no you didn't.

Legendaire (1976)

We ventured further into pop music with this album while keeping the buttery folk sound, from the Eagles to James Taylor to America. And our graphic design skills evidently peaked.

Let us sing for you!

From weddings to birthdays and festivals to fundraisers, the Aires have garnered a reputation for our lively musical performances in signature multicolored gear, which we call trou. We also perform a wide range of holiday songs, Ivy League traditionals, and jazz tunes with our formal performance dress.Whether you want us fun or fancy, we're here to perform for you! For all booking inquiries, availability, and rates, please message us here.Talk to you soon!

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Jacob Donoghue '22, Spotify
Jeffers Insley '21, Spotify
Henry Phipps '21, Spotify
Noah Drazen '20, Spotify
Clark Moore '13, Spotify podcast
Michael Odokara-Okigbo '12, Spotify

Aires alumni

Music Directors italicized24s
Zach 'Loko' Martel '24
Eric 'Toblo' Richardson '24
Daniel 'Cubo' Abate
Brendan 'Disqo' Flewelling
Spencer 'Pinto' Grimm
Patrick 'Macko' Howard
Sheil 'Kakto' Sharma
Joseph 'Jago' Collum
Jacob 'Aro' Donoghue
Kaj 'Villo' Johnson
William 'Piko' Reicher
Santosh 'Phoeno' Sivakumar
Ed 'Nado' Allen
Mac 'Turbo' Galinson
Jeffers 'Zumo' Insley
Edward 'Drako' Lu
Alex 'Zorpo' Miller
Henry 'Palo' Phipps
Noah 'Eko' Drazen
Zac 'Oso' Gottschall
Eni 'Cayo' Oyeleye
Manny 'Pyro' Howze-Warkie
Owen 'Dasho' Stoddard
Jebreel 'Aiko' Samples
Trevor 'Krypto' Dorman
Michael 'Geno' Harteveldt
Ryoya 'Novo' Wakamatsu
Solomon 'Servo' Bang
Connor 'Axo' Regan
Jarrett 'Lenno' Taylor
Olafur 'Vigo' Olafsson
Jeremy 'Bergo' Mittleman
Ryan 'Rondo' Schiller
Doug 'Razo' Phipps
Ben 'Pohto' Rutan
David 'Moco' Clossey
Nikhil 'Djenko' Arora
Siddharth 'Pixo' Hiregowdara
Brian 'Nyro' Chalif
Michael 'Keeno' Boyas
Chris 'Duplo' Pullerits
Chris 'Fredo' Gallerani
Alex 'Kango' Velaise
Romen 'Leo' Mookerjee
Nick 'Nitro' Cunha
Max 'Romo' Gottschall
Nate 'Zippo' Davis
Joe 'Ringo' Singh
Preston 'Cato' Suan
Xavier 'Dymo' Curry
Will 'Primo' Lowry
Danny 'Elmo' Freeman
Clark 'Gelo' Moore
Robbie 'Otto' Hoffman
Nic 'Falco' Chuaqui
Will 'Brando' Hart
Henry 'Tyco' Luehrman
Michael 'Nemo' Odokara-Okigbo
Ethan 'Merlo' Weinberg
Jack 'Koopo' Merrill
Mac 'Tello' Morris
Fernando 'Cheeto' Rodriguez-Villa
Alex 'Plato' Taylor
Brendan 'Pseudo' Lynch-Salamon
Matt 'Sparo' Wang
David 'Popo' Peterson
Jon 'Eyso' Lohse
Dan 'Ryo' Leopold
Justin 'Orko' Lerman
Adam 'Expo' Frank
Will 'Wavo' Raymer
Sean 'Milo' Nelson
Nick 'Bojo' Brown
Zach 'Deko' Chestnut
Jon 'Pedo' Simpson
Ben 'Nomo' Davis
David 'Lobo' Smith
Chad 'Cujo' Detloff
Zach 'Cazzo' Supalla
Jarret 'Pluto' Cato
Wes 'Coko' Milks
Derrick 'Ino' Smith
Matt 'Jojo' Schwartz
Michael 'Rollo' Saladik
Ricky 'Zebo' Cole
A.J. 'Vino' Bascom
Kekane 'Fivo' Yuen
Pete 'Krbo' Simpson
Sean 'Hilo' MacMannis
Micah 'Cino' Dortch
Ian 'Plinko' Storey
Daren 'Hijo' Simkin
Caz 'Bo' Liske
Ivan 'Mello' Grant
Adam 'Fromo' Dotson
Brian 'Silo' Ni
Derek 'Juno' Senft
Tyler 'Typo' Slade
Bub 'Torro' Cathcart
Tim 'Toto' Miller
Edward 'Mojo' Wenger
Ushinde 'Nupro' Payne
Eli 'Gonzo' Jorne
Matt 'Bunko' Frankel
Chris 'Dizno' Masone
Bradford 'Bino' McKeown
Bjorn 'Njordo' Erickson
Peter 'Marvo' Leckerling
Jim 'Sterno' McNicholas
Alex 'Hasbro' Pennock
Adam 'oDo' Ballard
Jack 'Destro' Rice
Scott 'Harpo' Davis
Evan 'Demo' Rieder
Brian 'Baco' Salazar
Imani 'Windo' Payne
Pete 'Lando' Land
Marc 'Dojo' Bruni
Jason 'Lego' Fleming
Miles 'Bingo' Bingham
Peter 'IO' Yoo
Chris 'Yello' Pennock
J.C. 'Hugo' Martinez
Brian 'Djumpo' Dolan
Jonathan 'Tato' Stewart
Michael 'Testo' Roberts
Allen 'Kongo' King
Dan 'Goo' Gonzalez
Matthew 'Tosko' Little
Dave 'Rhino' Rinehart
Matt 'Limbo' Reese
Jose 'Cuervo' Perez
Kieran 'Dingo' McNulty
Mike 'Rappo' Parsons
Matthew 'Zorro' Zavod
Jonathan 'Slow Mo' Kehl
Andrew 'Mayo' von Mayrhauser
Michael 'Scrodo' Scodro
Jeremy 'Babba' Graves
Ben 'Falsetto' Farrell
Peter 'Chaino' Vosshall
John 'Uh-Oh' Ohe
Ben 'Ahnohld' Crawford
Bill 'Sledgo' Lehan
Jud 'Fang' Dean
Keith 'Astro' Willacy
Scott 'Tweety' Sylvester
Pete 'Pookey' Fearey
Geoff 'Locko' Blackwell
Geoffrey Blackwell
Bradford 'Draino' Drazen
Peter 'Baby Huey' Harvey
Nate 'Waldo' Emerson
Rob 'Robo' Crawford
John Rhee
David Olson
Andy 'Bruno' Thompson
Stratford Dick
Paul 'Forno' Cachion
William 'Willo' Hayden
Tim 'Clam' Claman
Christopher 'Kello' Kelly
John 'Fuzzo' Cain
Chris 'Q' Marquardt
Jeff 'Lazlo' Lazarus
Bruce 'Bronco' Brough
Tim 'Bixbo' Bixby
Peter 'Donk' DeLong
Peter 'Hendo' Henderson
Nicholas 'Niko' Skipitaris
Chandler 'Chaddo' Rosenberger
Adam 'Seesman' Seessel
Tom 'Cuts' Cutler
Phil 'Anks' Ankeny
Bill 'Wordo/Guido' Worden
Robert 'Lewbo' Lewert
Hal Espy
John 'Boino' Boiney
Craig 'Byrno' Byrne
Eric Taylor
Dan 'Dan-Dan' Daniels
Mark 'Monty' Montgomery
David 'C.D.' Parker
Craig 'Craigo' Avril
Michael 'DeFo' DeFelice
Mario Cohn-Haft
David 'Davo' Mason
Michael 'Janno' Jannery
Bill 'Billy' Ragan
James MacKenzie
Rick Silverman
Fred 'Freddie' Schroeder
Hugh Martinez
Mark Sharp
Bruce La Vallee-Davidson
Brian Hussey
Steve 'Stevo' Taft
Dana Cetlin
Tom 'Bart' Bartlett
Kris Treu
William Jardin
Joseph Hunter
Tom Tomai
Don Reckenbeil
Ed Jaicks
Brian 'Leecho' Litscher
Mark Lena
Daryl 'Borno' Bornstein
Douglas Gleason
Bob Rennicks
Darrell Pierce
Bill Monsour
Al Henning
Mark Beams
Mark 'Marco' Adams
Mark Lebowitz
Parker 'Speedo' MacDonell
Paul 'Lazo' Lazarus
John Donigian
Alexander Simpson
Gregory Fisher
Robin 'Robo' Felix
John Hokans
Steve 'Sevo' Severson
Greg Pulis
Allan Ziegler
Keith Shenberger
Ronald Cathcart
Fred Rankin
Harry Brightly
Stuart Pechter
Baxter Fullerton
Wayne Scherzer
Faulkner White
John Richards, Jr.
Peter Kalafarski
Evan Ballard
Andrew Hodgdon
Hubert Russell
Lawrence Detwiler
John Sadd
Don MacMannis
Robert Horner
Larry Stephens
Jack Roberts
Joseph Serene
Bill Rollings
Jim Miser
Mike Hermann
Paul Stageberg
David Peck
Ted Gundy
Bryson Ley
Eric Jones
Gintaras Dambrava
Bob Packer, III
John Steinle
John Kornet
Peter Thomas
Alan Lieberman
John MacPherson
Andy Rosenthal
Charles Reichart
Wayne Hill
John MacIndoe
Don MacCaulay, Jr.
Tom Campbell
Ned McCook
Nick Rowe
Steve Ward
Jim Cornehlsen
Art Simington
Fred Gray
Dave Plavin
Bob Silverman
Gene Kersey
Bob Goldberg
Bob Esch
William Rice
Mahlon 'Sandy' Apgar
Peter Halvorson
Paul Burkhart
Peter Holland
Michael Jenkin
Richard Welty
Gilbert Low
Ronald Forbes
Chuck Darrow
Ray Dilworth
Allan Glick
Alan Danson
Rev. Dick Watson
Robert Edgerton
Greg Holthusen
Jack Keigley
Bob Weston
Phil Stoddard
Marty Carter
Hew Baldwin
Ed Waldron
Dan Frankel
Jon White
Bill Gennerich
John Allen
Al Welty
Rog Schumacher
Jack Wheatley
Tom Marvel
George Tracy
Tom Schoonmaker
Frederic Hawkins
John Bassette, Jr.
Lane 'Woody' Goss
Lynmar Brock Jr.
Robert Schneider
Jack Wilder
Bruce McAllister
Jack Reed
William Garland
Mead Metcalf
Luke Case
Charles Fleet
Leonard Gochman
Frederick Whittemore
Ed Sumner
Bubs Richardson
Deke Dorey
Jay Stahl
Ronald Rose
Bill Sweet
Fred Lord
Wes Hannington
J. Richard MacDonald
Fred Swanson
Whitey Hand
Bob Langworthy
Charley Abbe
Bill Embree
Ken Clark
Don Daniels
Jim Farmer
Charley Gardner
George Hinners
Ralph Burgard
Orton 'Tones' Hicks
Gordy Hinners
George Magoon
Robert Paulson